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Most of us still associate Amazon with free shipping and VOD, but the company really wants a piece of the government action.

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My husband and I called numerous times to find out why the system failed.

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These include Netatmo France, Elgato Germany, Universal Security Instruments Inc.

home security systems in houston

Know the ins and outs of your contract. If your alarm system will be monitored, either by your installing company or by a third party monitoring center, find out the length of the contract. Typically, monitoring contracts are two to five years in length. What is your recourse if you are not satisfied with the services provided?Can you cancel the contract?What are your rights if your monitoring company is purchased or acquired by another alarm company?These are the types of questions you need to consider before you obligate yourself to a long term contract. Hiring a house sitter and setting up a security system are two very complementary steps you can take to keeping your home safe when you’re away. Your home automated system can make up for the human errors of which your house sitter may be guilty.

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